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Member Directory of IQSSL

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A total of 188 Associate Members with approved accounts were found in the online IQSSL system.
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No Photo First Name Last Name Profile Membership Type
D.N. Abeynayaka Associate
A.N.R. Alahakoon Associate
S.P.W. Amaradiwakara Associate
K.N.B. Amarasooriya Associate
L.G.D.P. Amaratunga Associate
C.U. Amaratunge Associate
56 W.M.L.J. Andrady Associate
Sudusinghe Ariyawansa Associate
H.H. Arsecularathne Associate
38 K.L.P.F. Arseculeratne Associate
W.A.V. Athukorale Associate
160 K.G.A.U. Bandara Associate
K.M.D.K. Bandara Associate
K.A.T.N. Bandara Associate
W.M.L.R. Bandara Associate
H.B. Bandulakumara Associate
B.M.A.B. Basnayake Associate
B.M.J.N. Basnayake Associate
80 I.D. Batuwangala Associate
P.M. Buddhika Associate
Yasitha Bulathsinghala Associate
T.S.F. Burah Associate
G.A.S. Chaminda Associate
91 J.D.S. Damayanthi Associate
W.M.N. Damayanthi Associate
22 M.T. Damian Associate
H.M.C.P. Dasanayaka Associate
D.R.S. Dasanayaka Associate
D.M.K.S.J. Dassanayake Associate
K.D.L. De Silva Associate
W.V.O. De Silva Associate
T.G.P.K. De Silva Associate
A.K.M.F. De Silva Associate
T.M.T. De Silva Associate
A.H.L. De Zoysa Associate
138 P.R. Devinuwara Associate
K.M.R.C. Dharmadasa Associate
G.A.N.D. Dharmasena Associate
K.U. Dheeran Associate
125 J.P.K. Dimbukkuwalage Associate
W.L.S. Dinesh Associate
75 P.A.P.V.D.S. Disaratna Associate
D.M.D.S. Dissanayaka Associate
I.G. Dissanayaka Associate
D.M.P.S. Dissanayaka Associate
68 D.M.N.R. Dissanayake Associate
D.M.C.K. Dissanayake Associate
72 E.A.D.T. Edirisinghe Associate
157 K.S.C. Fernando Associate
E.D.N.G. Fernando Associate
M.N.S. Fernando Associate
M.G.H.D. Gamage Associate
T.G.S.S. Gamage Associate
I.S.W. Gamage Associate
W.K.A. Gayan Associate
C.P.K. Geeganage Associate
H.R. Ginthotahewa. Associate
117 S.S. Gnanasiri Associate
155 D.A.H. Gunaratna Associate
G.K.P. Gunaratna Associate
T.A.S. Gunasekara Associate
K.A. Gunasekara Associate
S.B.R. Gunawardena Associate
H.A.P.R. Hangawatta Associate
S.F. Hannan Associate
H.A.V.I. Hatarasinghe Associate
A.D. Hemajith Associate
48 E.M.L.C. Herath Associate
H.G. Hettiarachchi Associate
K.R. Hettiarachchi Associate
134 A.A. Hindakaraldeniya Hindakaraldeniya Associate
M.F. Hussain Associate
137 I.R.M.R.D. Illukkumbura Associate
167 P.V.S. Indika Associate
C.P. Jasinghe Jasinghe Associate
D.S.K.U. Jayalath Associate
W.R.P.S. Jayamal Associate
L.A.S.D. Jayasena Associate
H.S. Jayasena Associate
31 G. Bandula Jayasoma Associate
W.A.H. Jayawardena Associate
J.P.K.N. Jayaweerarathna Associate
B.H.C. Jeevanthi Associate
H.L.V. Kalpani Associate
H.N.D.M.R.K.P. Kanumale Associate
G.S.K. Kariyawasam Associate
A.M. Ajith Karunarathna Associate
B.S.S. Karunaratne Associate
G.I. Karunasena Associate
Channa Kasthurirathna Associate
N.G.P.N.S. Keerthirathna Associate
W.A.D. Keerthirathna Associate
149 Rohitha Keragala Associate
D.K.J. Kodithuwakku Associate
Majith Kodithuwakku Associate
E.A.B.P. Kumara Associate
U.S.N. Kumara Associate
K.D.J.H. Kumara Associate
L.L.M.H. Kumara Associate
M.H.S. Kumara Associate
79 Navaratneraja Kumararathna Associate
171 A.D. Lalith Associate
Dharmasiri Liyanage Associate
B.U. Madarasinghe Associate
G.N. Madushika Associate
P.S. Maduwagoda Associate
K.H.P. Maheshanie Associate
M.M.Sisira Marasinghe Associate
M.P. Masinghe Associate
123 M.C. Mendis Associate
81 B.S. Menike Associate
A.L.A. Nafees Associate
A.L. Najeeb Associate
A.L. Naleer Associate
S.N.T.D. Nanayakkara Associate
Nageandram Narayanan Narayanan Associate
M.B.S. Nisansala Associate
N.M.N.W.K. Nissanka Associate
H.I. Palihawadana Associate
T.J.D. Paranamanage Associate
Rajeswaran Parathan Associate
L.P.T.S. Pathirana Associate
G.P.D.H.A. Pathirana Associate
K.B.D. Perera Associate
H.P.K. Perera Associate
W.K.A.S. Perera Associate
96 Wijamunige Piyasoma Associate
S.C. Polgampala Associate
K.N. Premaratna Associate
T.A.R. Priyanga Associate
K.G.D. Priyangani Priyangani Associate
A.A.H. Priyangika Associate
114 P.A.D. Pushpakumara Associate
7 Jeganathan Rajasooriyar Associate
Thanuja Ramachandra Associate
D.R. Ranasinghe Associate
R.A.D.D. Ranathunga Associate
16 K.K. Ranatunga Associate
W.R.S.C. Ranaweera Associate
K.D.K. Rangani Associate
163 S.A.M.P. Rathnayake Associate
R.M.T.P. Rathnayake Associate
K.G.G.P. Rathnayake Associate
Nicholapillai Rex Associate
U.A.P. Ruwandika Associate
U.D.M.D. Ruwanpura Associate
K.G.M.C. Samarajeewa Associate
D.D. Samaraweera Associate
S.D.S.D.G. Sameera Associate
B.V.P. Sanjeewa Associate
D.R.K. Saputhantri Associate
Subramaniyam Sasikaran Associate
D.M.M.N. Sathkumara Associate
132 K.K.P. Senarath Associate
168 A.S.P.W.M.R.R.B. Seneviratne Associate
H.M.I.S.A. Seneviratne Associate
H.M. Shiran Associate
N.H.D.S. Silva Associate
E.A.P. Silva Associate
E.G.L.S. Silva Associate
L.B.I. Siriwikum Associate
S.A.S.K. Subasinghe Associate
K.S. Subasinghe Associate
156 C.P. Suraweera Associate
36 A.K. Susantha Associate
Udeni Thalagalaachchi Associate
T.A.N.A. Thambugala Associate
Ariyanayagam Thiruchelvam Associate
152 P.S.P. Tissera Associate
A.S. Waidyasekara Associate
Sadini Wanniarachchi Associate
S.D. Warsahannadi Associate
W.A.V.C. Weerakkody Associate
133 A.W.C. Weerakoon Associate
I.A.D.S.S. Weerawadhana Associate
D.K.N. Welagedara Associate
B.G.W.S. Wickramanayake Associate
146 W.M.J.A. Wijekoon Associate
W.M.C.L.K. Wijekoon Associate
P.T.D. Wijenayaka Associate
65 A.M.K.S. Wijerathna Associate
66 M.J. Wijerathna Associate
R.T.J. Wijesinghe Associate
508 Duleesha Wijesiri Associate
116 W.M.T.D. Wijesooriya Associate
S.P. Wijewickreme Associate
Ravindran Yogeswaran Associate
34 M. N. Zainudeen Associate
No Photo First Name Last Name Profile Membership Type