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Member Directory of IQSSL

Member Directory Search Results

A total of 37 Fellow Members with approved accounts were found in the online IQSSL system.
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No Photo First Name Last Name Profile Membership Type
89 E.A.L.S.B. Amarasekera Fellow
30 G.H.M. Aponso Fellow
274 J.K. Basnayake Fellow
Hettiarachchige Don Chandrasena Fellow
618 L.K.R. Chandrasiri Fellow
360 D.M.P.R. Dassanayake Fellow
106 Liyanage Devika Fellow
45 P.M.A.K. Dhanusekara Fellow
9 W.B. Elmo Fernando Fellow
17 W.W. Upali N. Fernando Fellow
697 E.S.K. Fernando Fellow
754 N.P.Nandun Fernando Fellow
1911 D.T. Gamage Fellow
485 D.M.H. Gunasekara Fellow
67 A.N. Gunasekera Fellow
1061 Mahinda Gunawardena Fellow
144 A.N. Jayadeva Fellow
35 R.A.C. Jayalath Fellow
D. G. Jayarathna Fellow
50 C.P. Liyanage Fellow
173 A.M.A. Malalasekara Fellow
1 Tony Miskin Fellow
1766 Kamal Paranawithana Fellow
617 B.A.K.S. Perera Fellow
161 M.A.A.U. Premarathna Fellow
19 K.A.T. Pushpakumara Fellow
176 I.M. Rajapaksha Fellow
18 Raufdeen Rameezdeen Fellow
270 Lalith Ratnayake Fellow
32 R.A.J.Y. Ruwanpura Fellow
581 Indrawanse Samaratunga Fellow
37 L.D.I.P. Seneviratne Seneviratne Fellow
73 G.M. Upul Shantha Fellow
593 N.R.K. Thilakaratne Fellow
Chitra Weddikkara Fellow
1762 Senerath Wetthasinghe Fellow
356 W.A.N.K. Wickramasinghe Fellow
No Photo First Name Last Name Profile Membership Type